Mini-Profiler Doesn't Seem to Work on Multi-Tenant Environments

Mar 14, 2015 at 1:17 AM
I am trying to confirm this in code right now, but I am pretty confident that the Mini-Profiler will not work in a multi-tenant environment. Because of the fact that it sets itself as the default logger when I believe that the logger is a global setting, I am pretty sure some of my other tenants come through later and set Castle Logger back as the default logger.

In other words, the OrchardHostProxyLogger is technically hit one time when the ContainerModule class hits it, but that is the only time so, if you are lucky, the Mini-Profiler will show itself one time. Sometimes it won't even do that.

In short, can anyone confirm that Mini-Profiler works on their multi-tenant environment? I would love to use this tool and it would be fantastic to not have to set up a single tenant environment just to test. Thanks for the feedback.